I appreciate and love all my fans! They are truly the greatest! With your help it is possible!

Send your fan mail to [email protected]




I just wanted to once again thank you for the fantastic job you did in your participation in the roast last week.  You were just wonderful, and I’m sure you’ve already gotten tremendous feedback from it.  I’ve already fielded a few inquires as to who is this guy and where can they see you again.  Thanks so much for being a part of what turned out to be a very funny and exciting night for me, and I of course wish you all the best in what you’re on to next.  Looking forward to our paths crossing again soon.

Joe Mantegna


Hello Mike,
it’s been a lot of years working with you and hopefully being a friend but I want to be totally honest with you as a friend.
I have always thought that you were one of the best comics out there you were always on your game and always the best of the best, however, after seeing your show the other night I have to correct that YOU HAVE GOTTEN BETTER THAN THAT!!! Your timing, your material delivery,
your overall stage presence and confidence is better than I have ever seen you.  And remember i go back a ways with you so I have a lot to compare it to.  Keep on this track Mike you will kick it up to a notch you don’t even realize yet!
Thank you for the professional courtesy that you always extend to me Ruby was pissing her pants from the moment you came on stage!
Thanks for being a friend as well and keep on keepin’ on man you got it!



Dear Mr. Marino (Mike if I may) I thoroughly enjoyed your show tonite at the Ponds.Smile

You have much to be commended for….your expertise is significantly rewarding.
Your ability to hold the attention of the audience was indeed stimulating,  I can only say
that I truly enjoyed the evening which included your terrific  band.  It is my hope that Larry
Lipp will bring you back again.  Until next time …..may you have continued success.
Erma D.


Hi ole friend. 

    Glad to see you in such demand, but am not surprised, I told you were the greatest new comic to hit the big time. (I take it your agent got your message never book me in MA. again LOL) i remember that and your most important question when we first met in the cab, “where are you going?” and you looking out the windows and that look of what the fuck did I get myself into. I’m sorry I’m lol thinking about it. after a min though and me explaining it looked like for the few minutes you were in my cab you looked relaxed finally. and then by the time I got you to your hotel you wouldn’t charge me for your cd. 

To me that was one of the best moments I ever had in my life, and that’s why I recall it so much it lets me know I did my job the way I feel it should be and that is simple you make your client comfortable and relaxed and with you I felt like I did my job at least for the time you spent with me having your life in my hands. LOL

Thank you my friend I am so happy for you, I hope that you will come back to MA. when they open the 2 casinos due to be open soon.

Thank you Mike.

Ronald T., (Boston)



Hey Mike, what’s up!?!!  I really hope you enjoyed this past weekend in LBI, I’m still doing left turns trying to get home to the Atlantic City area, ha! Mike, it was such a pleasure and honor to meet you, have a delightful dinner at Gabels, and fall out of my seat during your show!! I have never laughed so hard in my life so consistently ever!! It was raw and much of it very relatable to my own life experiences! It was unreal, like your my past life’s soul telling my story in a hysterical format!! Whenever you’re in Atlantic City, feel free to contact me, I check my emails periodically every few days FYI. You can always catch me at Tony’s Baltimore Grill Wednesday-Sunday may you ever need or want a great pizza and a few drinks!! I did request you on Facebook and am following you by other social medias. May you be well and healthy my friend !!
May God continue to Bless you, your family, and friends!!
Sincerely, Brother Wayne S.!


Saw you at Borgata Music Box several times. Usually do not laugh at
Most comedians. Since I am highest card holder I receive every
Show I want to go to. I decline on most comedians if I attend
Their show once and they just aren’t funny.Most are not and I can’t figure out what the hell the audience finds funny. PLEASE come back to Borgata. I laugh so loud and hard at every thing you say and every Movement of yours. I Tell everyone about you. Even do some of your material so they know who I am talking about. (“Need Italian president, Vinny get the bat, ordering coffee in n.j then westcoast”) Why haven’t you been at Borgata in ages? Need to really laugh, really hard.


Dear Mike,
Very impressed that you were kind and considerate enough to reply.
We live in southern N.J. A town called Shamong, near Medford Lakes
and Tabernacle. We are 50 minutes from Philadelphia where my husband and myself grew up. We both attended same catholic school. There is a whole skit there for sure.  We go to New York sometimes for theater and to see my grandson. If you do get to come back to Atlantic City or vicinity, we would love to have dinner and drinks with you. Our treat of course. If you should have any questions for me, please feel free to call. By the way, I am only half Italian. The half Irish
Is not my fault.  I had no control over who my mother married, since I wasn’t
born. Thank you for your thoughtful response.
My Best Regards,


Hello Paisano,
I am happy that I have no conflict on my calendar and can finally see you again  in August 12 at the Palace Theater in Greensburg PA.  A 5 hour drive from my home in NJ.  Madone’ You are worth it!!  Heard You are joined by the American Idol Sinatra singer.  He is the lucky one to be with you!
Also, I go three to four times a year on Royal Caribbean cruises and have written to the president requesting to contract with you for the BEST comedian ever!!
I learned that you are booked on several cruises.
Thank God!!!!!!
In closing, I hope that the Palace Theater people allow me backstage to say hello

Don T.


Hi Mike,
I just wanted to let you know how much my friends and I enjoyed your comedy last night at the Renaissance in NJ.  The best comedian I have ever seen.  Thank you for all the laughs.


Hi Mike,
My friend and I met you this summer at the Italian festival in Enfield Connecticut, we came over 2 hours to the show from New York and it was really worth it!  Just wanted to thank you the great show and everything you gave that night.  I’m also emailing you because you said to ask you about tickets for another one of your show!
Let me know about that if you could
Thanks for making me laugh my ass off,
Harry O.



Hello Mike,

My name is Gabriel V. I was born in Salerno but came to America when I was nine. I spent my childhood in downtown Jersey City on Coles Street. My wife is Italian & also grew up in Jersey City. We relate to your humor so, so well! We are anxious to see you & have signed up for alerts in our area, as we now live at the Jersey Shore. I wish I had known that you were performing in Manasquan last year, but hopefully we can catch you somewhere soon!

You are the greatest! Gabe



Wanted to call yesterday, but my day of rest turned hectic.  First, thanks for the passes.  The show was terrific.  For someone from Brooklyn, the personal home stuff and Italian behavior hit home and made me laugh my ass off.  The other thing about getting old, at 72, hit so many personal funny notes.  What impressed me was the Walmart stuff because it is universal and can make anyone of any ethnic group break up laughing.  As you are obviously aware, good comedy is based in reality. One of my favorite jokes came from the late David Brenner.  He said he’d finished reading a newspaper on the subway, folded it and sat on it. Someone would invariably ask if he was reading it.  He said he’d respond, “Yes,” then stand, turn the page and refold, then sit on it again.  Your cousin Peter and his son were terrific too.  I felt like I was 40 years younger when he sang. 

Funny commercials.  Good move to get involved with a product.  How are they marketing?  If I can forward you to a couple of people who can help, let me know.  For example, my son-in-law works for MDVIP, which is now owned by an investment firm.  They have nearly a thousand doctor members who bring almost a half-million patients. 

Next time you’re in, let’s have lunch or espresso.  Couldn’t wait around afterward.  Had to get up early for church Sunday, and us old guys need our sleep.


Sonny G.


Hey Mike, Thanks for the show last week here in Old Sac. My youngest son had always wanted to go with us to see a comedy show. I knew yours would be great. I was right, you delivered and my youngest might be hooked on live comedy. Love what you do. Thanks for all the hard work you do to make us all laugh.

Your longtime fan, Gary Pryde (http://garypryde.com).


My parents don’t stop talking about how much they appreciate and admire you. Thank you very much for being so nice to them. You have done some nice things Michele doesn’t think you are so bad either. Looking forward to finally meeting you next time you play in NJ

My very best Brian Z. 


Dear Mike,

thank you for sharing this (YOUTUBE CLIP) ,your mom reminds me of MY mom.
Italian Mothers, you can tell em anything; but they speak the brutal truth.I think that this clip of you borrowing a knife to adjust a loose screw is just hilarious,
Hey Mike! When you gonna find a nice girl and settle down,and quit that comedey shit!
Our mothers are truly special,in the Italian-American family,they’re our soulmates,angels who can say or do no wrong..I totally related to this clip Mikey, thanks for sharing it!
My mom turns 92 in December… I always tell her I want her around forever (pop died in 2013)and she says:
Whaddya want me to be like Methuselah, live to be a thousand? We’ve all got to go sometime! I says ,I don’t like talking about that..she says ,well I DO!
Typical but special and unique are our mothers.God Bless, I really enjoy your work.
I still regret that I wasn’t able to see you at Enfield,with Deanna Martin,it was probably a blast!
Ciao ciao.


Mike, it has been five years for me and your routines about your mom are the best !  You can see in her eyes how proud and happy you made her and until you meet again she is definitely watching over you.  You were so kind when we saw your show at the Borgata and took a picture with our cousin.  He passed away four months ago and we have your beautiful picture with him in our homes.  We only wished you were the next President because you are very special.  Good luck in all you do. 
Lois and Dom L.

Fan Letter Paddy M


Hi Mike,

Fabulous show at The Paramount in AP on Saturday nite.  As always, you were great!

Thank you for the tixs and providing me with orgasmic laughs!

Wishing you continuous success!  You are the best!





Hey Mike,

Thanks for the tix to the show…. had a blast as always! A night of laughter cures almost any problem 🙂 Loved hearing you joke about the parking and meters in Asbury Park — so true!




Hey Mike,

The Asbury show was awesome…as expected!  Took my 15 year old son along…he had a great time.  He’s a new huge fan!

Hope to catch up when you’re in the area again. Thanks again and take care!

Rich M.



Hello Mike

My name is Bettyann C, from Edison NJ.    I heard you were from Scotch Plains…..right down the road. I went to visit my cousin living in Venus Florida the week of July 19th -July 26…. If you remember that week Florida had record breaking weather ….it rained the whole week. My cousin surprised me one night by taking me and her husband to your show…. We had a great time ….. You put on such a wonderful show. We laughed so much and everything you said we could relate to.  It was the best comedy show I ever went so. After ward my cousin’s husband bought a tape for their friends who couldn’t join us.

I took your card and when I got home I also purchased your tape….I received it, and must of played it 6 times….it was so funny….  “Great Job”  Mike….and I wish you lots of success in the future.   I hope to catch another one of your shows again someday, as well as my cousin who also said the same thing….

Again Mike  great show !

Bettyann C. – Edison, NJ



Dear Mike

Yes!  Everyone had a blast!  You made my wife’s bd a great success, she’s still talking about it and YOU more than anything!

Thanks so much.

John L.



Mike your routine was great last night!!  funniest yet!!! Loved the meter routine!!  Great night!!! thankyou!!!! Asbury was rocking!!!




Hey Mike,

It is James; Melissa’s husband. You were great the other night! I really enjoyed the show as did everyone else we brought with us. Melissa always talked about how funny you are and I finally got to see it. Cant wait for the next show… we did get a picture with you which was a surprise considering how security was. We wanted to chat with you for a little but we were pushed away by security. Maybe next time. Hope your doing good!! Thank you again for the tickets.

Talk soon,

James & Melissa



Hi Mike,

It was a real pleasure meeting you on 8/1.  You are one of my favorite comics of all time.  Myself and my band cracked up throughout your entire segments.  I hope that we cross paths again and hope you enjoyed the music.  A few pictures attached.

Best always,

Rob Z.

IMG_0160 IMG_0162 IMG_0182



Hey Mike:

I saw you at the Broadway Comedy Club, have watched many of your videos and was expecting to have a wonderful evening sharing your gift of comedy and insights about life with my partner and my dear friends. It was all of that an MUCH more. The entire show was fabulous, Sunda was vibrant, funny and human on and off the stage, the venue was such a perfect home for you all, AND you just took your act to another level which few performers that I have aver seen get to. Fully yourself with no fear, connected with the audience and loving the work you do.

So, thanks again for the invitation. I look forward to supporting you in any way I can. Your are always welcome as our guest at any workshops or public programs.

I watch the very precious video that you made with your mother- Mike and his mom -once again and it brought a smile to my heart and mad me think of my mother who passed away this February.

My best, Mark M.




We met briefly after the show. Thank you for a great night of laughter. I thought I was going to go into laughter convulsions. Keep doing it!




A Hoot – saw it before – still is good!


Eat Right, PLEASE get some sleep and rest – takes time to come back after being gutted like a fish! Well, at least that’s what Vinnie said he saw.  Be glad that you were young when it happened!  God Works in Mysterious Ways – if Trump bails – you just might have a shot – no, not a gun shot – a chance at the president!

If all fails, you can all ways a have Morono Family meeting at some wedding of course – that’s how it works, isn’t it?  I wonder who is in the Family – Fun to find out!




Ciao Mike

I live in Perth, Australia but hold Italian citizenship. From Campobasso Italy. Not Abbruzzo but next best thing.

Adore your comedy. All rings true. Share your YouTube videos to many Australian friends and they like them very much.

Perhaps you will visit Australia but not sure how many people would appreciate you.

Anyhow, love your stuff, love your pride of our Italian roots.

You’re the best…Sei grande, sei forte, Mi fai tanto ridere e sei tanto bravo.


Mark G., Perth Australia, (Ripalimosani, Campobasso, Molise, Italia)



Dear Mike,

Although unable to attend the concert at Enfield Saturday due to having to stay with mom, I heard it was a really great time with a very full house!

I am such a big fan of all your work, I wanted to tell you in person how much your work in comedy has influenced my life since I first heard you perform.

Its no wonder Dice and Dangerfield were of your main influences, Dice and Dangerfield, the two funniest comics ever, I was lucky to see Rodney at the Bushnell in Hartford during his heyday, Dice came to The Oakdale in Wallingford, and he was phenomenal too. I wanted to also thank you sincerely for being a part of the show on Sunday too as well; thank you! Also…. the reason I suck at interviews is, i get a little nervous,kinda like Curley on the 3 Stooges(nyuk nyuk,woop woop),because its always been an Italian show that mostly plays music..THAT I can do very well,interviews,I’m still learning!!,God Bless your patience!

So Mike, thank you again, I will be able to attend next time,as long as I know way ahead so I can ask my sister to stay with mom (she’s on vacation in Italy until August) as you know ,mom is a full time job,its been years since I had any type of vacation, at least two years since I’ve been able to plan anything or go anywhere. My time will come,moms are so important.. I know its the right thing.

So I wanted to take a moment to reach out. thanks again Sir.

Best Joe C.



Good show tonight!

Just saw ya at Visani’s (Port Charlotte, Fl. )  and even though you’re a Jersey Boy, ya kinda made me feel homesick… (Philly area).

Although we only briefly met…

One thing I did realize about peeps from up North, …We all have these large bundles of Keychains… We may only have two keys, …house and car…

But sometimes ya just gotta carry all the memorabilia… ’cause that’s where ya been, right?

Concerts… Clubs… The walgreens/CVS scan code thingie…

So, after moving to Flori-Duh, I thought I’d downsize…

Got rid of all the chains… (…well, put them in a shoe box for safe keeping)

As soon as I think I’ve friggen gotten rid of all my lil nick knacks, I go and buy a baseball bat keychain… and now it’s like I have a full load again… with only 2 friggen Keys!

…My wife just got me a Minion Keychain… (which is another story.. Because it says “Ba-Nan-na!”)… so now I got a Minion, that sez banana… A bat… and a bottle opener.

…I’ll keep the bat.

Good luck with the show!

Hope to see ya on ‘Flix soon!

Steven G.



I just have to tell you that the clip of the Italian President from NJ is the funniest clip I have ever seen. I had to send that clip to my hubby in Afghanistan. He just loved it. Thanks again. I still watch it over and over. LMAO!!!!!!

Andrea C.




I always wanted to share with you my thoughts about your incredible talent. I had the pleasure over the years to see many comics perform; Rodney Dangerfield, Joey Bishop, Sinbad and many of our new generation of comics.  You top them all because you incorporate the area in which you are performing in your act. At the Paramount, I brought a group of people who had seen you for the first time and remarked” We need to see him again”!

Keep on bringing the laughter so many people need in today’s time.

Don T.



Yo Mike!

Just saw your post on Twitter about getting out of the Hospital- I had no idea you were in there. I am so glad to see that you are getting better and back on stage. You are hilarious and its always a huge honor and a ton of fun to work with you at The Laugh Factory. I wish you a speedy recovery and hope you get back to feeling 100% ASAP. Can’t wait to hear your new material about being in the hospital. Stay strong dude!

Grant C.



Hey Mike!

So happy our healing is going well. If you want to post it go for it- but please know I just wrote it because I was concerned and happy you were getting better. The only thing you can do for me is get back to feeling 100% and make me laugh some more! See you in May!

Grant C.




You’ve broken in and are one of the great comics of the age. I know that you are a HARD CHARGER and had to be, to do what you accomplished! I had a causal meeting and one even taught his Parrot to say “Don’t Worry about it !!!” – seems to be your catch phrase. Please, OH please start looking after and pace your self. Take a little longer to recover – get some good food in you and REST UP!   WE ALL NEED YOU !!! Are Prayers are with you!!!

A. E.



When day is done, we dislocated Europeans, need to go home, relax and be entertained. An Entertainer is a “CALLING” and you are an Entertainer!!! Mike, you make us look at ourselves, through the veiled filter of a Sicilian, and we ALL laugh. You remind us of our Fathers or Grand Fathers of all the weird things that they would say and do! Take your Medicine, for you provide us with the best medicine on the Planet – Laughter!

A. E.



So happy to see you-and your show! (Putnam Golf, NY)   My friends and I loved EVERY minute of your act, STILL talking about it!!    Don’t see you coming back to the N.Y. area any time soon (so why not?).   Guess I’ll have to cruise or catch you in Florida this winter.   And, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the DVD!!   …………….. Your Sicilian friend,     

G. B.